International Dance Day

Wednesday April 29

As we danced on the Schouwburgplein on International Dance Day April 29th, we not only connected with each other, but also with the activities and people on the Schouwburgplein, including passers-by. There were several youngsters coming to us and asking what we were doing, after they had been standing and watching for a long time. Contact and improvisation became a way of connecting beyond our individual bodies.

Since this year's theme was interdisciplinarity, Rotterdam-based visual artist Karel Kindermans made a beautiful artwork on the base of our movements during both sessions. Afterwards we all gathered at CafĂ© Floor to admire it and exchange about our experiences.

Thanks to Theo Hensen and the new Schouwburgplein-coordinator Marjorie van der Windt-Veit for their help, all who organized and came to dance, and the Rotterdam Arts Council for funding Contact Zone.

Foto internationale dansdag Foto internationale dansdag Foto internationale dansdag Foto internationale dansdag
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